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Corporate Law

The Law Offices of John F. Griffin, Jr., PLLC handles commercial transactions covering all aspects of corporate structure, finance and operations. We tailor our legal advice to our clients’ business objectives, delivering actionable strategy alternatives rather than only technical opinions and complex data. We excel at helping clients mitigate risk and forge successful relationships in today’s business climate, where technology and the internet have produced dramatic changes in how companies operate.


We provide the following services in these areas:

  • Corporation Formation

  • Limited Liability Company Formation

  • Operating agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Acquisition and sale of businesses

  • Articles of Incorporation/organization

  • By-Laws, stock purchase agreements

  • Federal tax registration

  • Non-Profit Corporations

We also maintain corporate books and stock records and provide corporate compliance services to assure compliance with incorporation statutes.  Corporate books remain available for easy access by our clients for important transaction such as bank loans and audits.


We provide a wide range of legal services to our corporate clients, including assisting them with the appropriate entity for their company based on business, legal and tax objectives and preferences.  We also provide representation in all corporate related matters and litigation, including debtor/creditor matters, contract negotiation and drafting, and other legal needs that may arise. 


For help with all your business and corporate matters, contact the Law Offices of John F. Griffin, Jr., PLLC today.




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